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The Secret life of a tourism student

4 June
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Here’s the joy of my info although I want it to look all pretty and like it won’t let me unless I go on another computer and type it all up and I really can’t be bothered to that.

So here goes:

Personal Details

My name is Rachael and I was born on 4th June 1985 in Christchurch, New Zealand however when I was two I moved to Wellington, New Zealand and lived there until I was about 15. Then I moved to Masterton, New Zealand (about an hour and a half away from Wellington) and lived there until I was 18 then I moved back to Wellington for a year and then back to Masterton.

As you can see I’ve moved a lot in the last Four years and I doubt my moving is going to stop any time soon because I do want to move back to Wellington because I love it there.


Apart from the computer I enjoy, reading, writing, watching TV, having fun, going down to Wellington to visit my friends and anything else that is on my interests.


I enjoy writing but I am the worlds biggest procrastinator and a Gemini which means once I start something it will be a very long time before you actually see it finished, but currently under my user name luvya on Roswell Fanatics I am writing a story called Yesterday When The War began which is very loosely based on John Marsdon’s series Tomorrow When The War Began.


My favourite ships include: Harry/Hermoine, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermoine (In little amounts), Fred/Angelina, George/Alicia, Liz/Max (Roswell), Alex/Isabel (Roswell), Tai/Sora (Digimon), Monica/Chandler (Friends), Ross/Rachael (Friends)


I like roleplaying. I especially like roleplaying Alex and Kyle because they are two of my favourite characters off Roswell. I also roleplay Ginny, Fred and a young George on greatest journal.


I’m currently looking for a job in the Travel industry and hopefully will find one in a Travel Agency because that’s my ultimate goal.

"We talk like we know what's going on, but we don't. We don't know anything. We're really young and we're gonna screw-up a lot. We're gonna keep changing our minds and even sometimes our hearts. And through all that, the only real thing we can offer each other is forgiveness. " -Joey Potter Dawson's Creek

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